QD Syringe Systems ::: QDI Syringe…the Insulin Syringe designed exclusively for ER Nurses and ER Physicians.

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QD Syringe Systems® ::: QDI Syringe…the Insulin Syringe that ER Nurses and Physicians have been waiting for!

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QD Syringe Systems® (QDSS) will bring to market the most basic ergonomic revolutionary disposable syringes the world has ever seen with special emphasis on maximum safety, functionality, ergonomics and cost reduction. ~ www.QDSS.co

QD Syringe Systems® Mission:

  • To create a model corporation for employees, community, and shareholders based on principle, performance, and profit;
  • To aim for unparalleled excellence, efficiency, and integrity in selling and delivering our revolutionary products; and
  • To establish lasting relationships with individuals who share our overall vision of success.





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