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Prevention of Diabetes:
Diabetes is a serious, life-long disease. It cannot be cured, but careful control of blood sugar can prevent or delay the complications of this disease. A great deal of research is underway to find out exactly what causes diabetes and how to prevent it...

Screening For Diabetes
The rising prevalence of type 2 diabetes globally and its associated morbidity and mortality call for early preventive screening and case finding of high-risk individuals. ...

Insulin - The Complete Guide
Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the level of glucose, a simple sugar that provides energy, in the blood....

Coping With A Diabetis
Certain herbal supplements (botanicals) can be used as part of the diet to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Natural medicine cannot cure Type 1 diabetes but it may help by making the body more receptive to insulin injection.   ...

Why Exerciseing is so important
According to the American Diabetes Association, Exercise is beneficial to the health of people with both types of diabetes. First, exercise can take some glucose out of the blood to use for energy ...
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